About Us

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Our Approach

We are committed to building a better fitness base for the world and helping to reduce heart disease, obesity and premature death through fitness plans, training plans and healthy living.  We are a new company with a broad outlook.  We look to reach the masses through our website and mobile applications available now on Android and Apple devices.

Our Story

We started because we are passionate about fitness.  We have training plans available for triathlon, running and cycling to get you started and more active.

Meet the Trainer

Corey Hoggard

Runner, Cyclist, Swimmer & Triathlete

I am passionate about fitness.  I spend a good amount of my time per week running, cycling and swimming.  I grew up competing in baseball and riding as a sponsored BMX rider.  My early love for bicycles transitioning into road cycling, which ultimately transitioned me into the world of running and triathlon.  I built Cycle4Change as a way to help people get started into running, cycling and triathlon as well as increasing their fitness levels.